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"WeFarmShop is about farmers and artisan producers selling more of their fantastic produce direct to local consumers"

Tim Haggard, Co-founder


Like many start-ups, the idea for WeFarmShop was formed by personal interest. Bored of supermarket food, and the inevitable prominence of big brands, I started looking for local solutions. Initially milk, butter, ham, sausages, tea, coffee. Household staples. The difference in taste was remarkable, and the family loved it. But it was tricky. Harder than it needed to be.. Finding the time in busy family lives to make orders. Researching suppliers. Arranging for pick up or delivery. Despite the complications, I persevered and now buy from more than 20 artisan suppliers. 


During lockdown, the plight of farmers and other small producers hit the headlines with greater prominence. Now we are in a cost of living crisis, and the stories are still there, but with local pubs and village shops also in A&E. Traditional country life is seemingly under threat, whist the supermarkets are doing just fine.  Alongside that, consumers are increasingly interested lower food miles and clear provenance when buying their food.


So WeFarmShop is about artisan producers. Amazing people selling more of their fantastic produce to local consumers. The app lists farmers and producers according to distance from you, so you can proactively buy local. That said, some products are not be available locally, so we will offer up producers from further afield so that you have a greater breadth of choice. All products will be proudly British or Irish, even the vino. 

We are launching in Wiltshire in the autumn, and will expand into other areas of the UK in 2024.


One of the many things that really excites me about this start up is that it is, when you think about it, all about the farmers and the producers. They are the heroes and always will be. Our job is to make buying from them easier so that you, the busy consumer, is also encouraged to switch to more local, more sustainable solutions.


On and yes, a bit about me: I live outside Broad Hinton in Wiltshire with my wife and children, having escaped London in 2016. In previous lives, I have owed a pub and a micro-brewery, manufactured vodka jelly, founded an accounting practice selling to small businesses and had a go at developing a bit of bookkeeping software. Small business and start-ups are in my roots and its great to be out there again!

Tim Haggard
Co-Founder at WeFarmShop

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