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Buying from local farmers & producers made easy.

8 Fantastic Reasons to Join WeFarmShop

Connect Directly with Local Farmers and Producers - Your WeFarmShop Adventure Awaits

Welcome to WeFarmShop, where we make it a breeze for you to savour the finest quality food and drink, sourced directly from local, small-batch farmers and producers. Our mission is simple - to bring you closer to the heart of your community while enjoying delightful, artisanal products. Here's why you should jump on board with us:

# 1. Promoting Local Producers

Discover the joy of buying directly from local producers! With WeFarmShop, you'll connect with family-run businesses and get to know their stories, history, and passions. Supporting your local community has never been more rewarding.

# 2. A Clever,
User-Friendly App

Navigating the world of local produce is a breeze with our user-friendly app. Explore delectable products not only from nearby small producers but also from other regions offering unique local specialties.

# 3. Group Buying

Our app lets you team up with friends and family for your shopping experience. Group buying promotes sustainability with fewer deliveries and unlocks better pricing through larger orders. A win-win shopping journey for you and the environment!

# 4. Convenient Produce Delivery

WeFarmShop puts delivery options in the hands of our producers - be it click and collect, local delivery or post/courier. Buy as a group to save on journeys with a central delivery point. Convenient and seamless for all.

# 5. Quick and Secure Payment

We value your time and peace of mind. Our app's clever financial tools ensure swift payments for your purchases, securely managed by our FCA-regulated payment partner. Your money stays safe while supporting local producers.

# 6. Support Your
Village Shop/Pub

We're all about supporting local businesses! Village shops and pubs can act as delivery hubs, receiving orders on your behalf. By arranging your order through them, you're helping these valued establishments earn extra commission.

# 7. Small Batch, Local, Artisan Delights

At WeFarmShop, we celebrate the unique flavours of small batch, local, and artisanal produce. No big brands or aggregators here - only authentic and exceptional products for you to relish.

# 8. Giving Back to the Community

Together, we make a difference! WeFarmShop supports local communities by donating a portion of our commission to local community projects.

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