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Selling to
consumers made easy.

Sell more to eager customers who are looking for clear provenance and to support the artisan community


Your WeFarmShop adventure awaits! Message us anytime on Business WhatsApp on 07418 613 717 or email us at to start the sign up process, and to let us know what you think.

9 Fantastic Reasons to Join WeFarmShop

# 1. One-stop App based marketplace

Buying from local farmers and artisan producers is a rapidly growing part of consumer’s lives. Having access to all local farmers and artisan producers in one easy-to-use App is really convenient for them. 

#2. Unique Group Buying

Unique functionality in the App allows easy buying as a group. So, encourage customers to club together by offering free delivery over a certain order value, and even bulk discounts for larger orders – value for them and sales value for you. Group orders will have a single delivery point and a single payment, keeping things efficient.

# 3. Boosted Marketing Profile

Benefit from our national marketing budget, ensuring prominent visibility in local search results. From SEO and online & social media advertising to local ads and press coverage, we're here to drive sales for your business.

# 4. Your shopfront, your story

WeFarmShop categorizes by producer, putting your story, your journey, and the love behind your products in the spotlight. Take the opportunity to engage customers on a personal level, enhancing appreciation for your amazing produce!

# 5. Shout About The Source

Clear provenance of food and drink is becoming increasingly important to shoppers, so we have given you plenty of space to shout about it.

# 6. Proudly British

WeFarmShop only stocks British produce/ brands – no cheap foreign rivals to compete against and no clever supermarket tricks to muddy the waters!

# 7. Your delivery options

Deliver your way! Tell us your preferred delivery options (pick up, courier etc) and the days of the week on which each is available, and customers will be able to choose accordingly.

# 8. Market-Leading Fees

Our commission of just 12% (+VAT) is deducted by Stripe as they transfer payment to you. There are no other fees. It's that straightforward!

# 9. Super-Fast, Direct Payments

More unique functionality! We’ve teamed up with Stripe to ensure that payment is secured on order, and passed straight to you once the order has completed. No credit terms are necessary.

Message us now on Business WhatsApp on 07418 613 717 or to start the sign up process, and to let us know what you think. 

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