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Selling to
local consumers made easy.

9 Fantastic Reasons to Join WeFarmShop

Connect with Local Consumers - Your WeFarmShop Adventure Awaits!

Are you a farmer or a local food producer seeking direct connections with consumers? Look no further! WeFarmShop is here to empower you and help you build strong connections with eager customers in your area. Our app is all about celebrating your uniqueness and sharing your passion for quality produce. Here are 9 compelling reasons to join our growing community:

# 1. Your shopfront, your story

Put yourself in the spotlight! With WeFarmShop, showcase your story, your journey, and the love behind your products. Engage customers on a personal level, enhancing appreciation for your offerings.

# 2. Bulk Up Your Orders

Get ready for a booming business! Encourage customers to buy in bulk or group up for larger orders. This means bigger sales and increased value for your business.

# 3. Lightning-Fast Payments

Time is money, and we know you want yours as quickly as possible. Our clever financial tools ensure prompt payments straight to your account once orders are completed. Partnered with FCA-regulated payments experts for added peace of mind.

# 4. Freedom to Price Your Way

You're in control! Set prices that reflect the true value of your produce. We're here to help build customer loyalty and repeat orders, ensuring your business thrives.

# 5. Streamlined Order Management

No fuss, no hassle! Our innovative ordering and payments system simplifies the process. Whether it's one customer or a group, you'll see one order and delivery point, keeping things efficient.

# 6. Delivery Options Tailored to You

Deliver your way! Choose preferred delivery terms - local delivery, national carriers, or convenient click & collect. Seamlessly organised through the app, with delivery hubs at local pubs and village shops.

# 7. Transparent and Fair Fees

Sell on WeFarmShop with no upfront fees. A modest, pre-agreed commission is charged only once orders are successfully fulfilled. It's that straightforward!

# 8. Boosted Marketing Reach

Shine online! Benefit from our national marketing budget, ensuring prominent visibility in local search results. From ads in local press & magazines to sponsoring local sports and events, we're here to drive sales for your business.

# 9. Giving Back to the Community

Together, we make a difference! WeFarmShop supports local communities by donating a portion of our commission to local community projects.

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