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Sending extra revenue your way.

7 Great Reasons to Use WeFarmShop

Boost Your Pub or Shop Revenue and Be a Vital Part of the Community with WeFarmShop!

Welcome to WeFarmShop - where local village pubs and shops like yours play a crucial role in connecting consumers with delightful small-batch produce. Here are 6 fantastic reasons to sign up:

# 1. Unlock Extra Earnings

Set up buying groups for your customers, arrange orders, and check goods before they collect from your establishment. Earn commission based on any orders placed through your services. 

You can also order produce to stock and sell in your own shop or pub through our platform.

# 2. User-Friendly App

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with our user-friendly app. Intuitively designed, it lets you explore, order, and pay for products from local producers effortlessly.

# 3. Group Buying

Embrace the power of group buying! Create buying groups to foster sustainability through fewer deliveries and place larger orders, unlocking better prices.

# 4. No Cash. Just Time

There's no need for upfront cash - simply download the app and invite customers to join your buying groups. Each customer pays for their own share of the order through the app.

# 5. Swift Payment

Our app's clever financial tools ensure your commission reaches you as quickly as possible.

# 6. Increased Footfall & Awareness

Enhance footfall and unlock custom potential by joining WeFarmShop as a convenient pick-up point. Consumers will visit your establishment to collect their app-ordered produce, creating opportunities for increased purchases and heightened awareness of your shop or pub.

# 7. Giving Back to the Community

Together, we make a difference! WeFarmShop supports local communities by donating a portion of our commission to local community projects.

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