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Buying from local farmers and producers made easy.

App in development

Our mission is to make it easy to buy food and drink direct from local, small batch farmers and producers. To register your interest, either as a farmer, a small batch producer or as a consumer, contact us anytime at

The story so far

The App has been under development since early 2022. Hindered only slightly by the decision to use a development team well known to us in Ukraine (supporting them despite the challenges was very important to us) we are now, in August 2023, close to having a functioning product. 

We cant wait to get going. The reasons for doing this have never seemed more obvious - customer desire for providence and sustainability, regular press coverage about struggling farmers and producers generally, low farm gate prices and profiteering by supermarkets. 


Connect with Local Consumers

Are you a farmer or a local food producer seeking direct connections with consumers? Look no further! WeFarmShop is here to empower you and help you build strong connections with eager customers in your area.


Connect Directly with Local Farmers and Producers

We make it a breeze for you to savour the finest quality food and drink, sourced directly from local, small-batch farmers and producers.


Boost Your Pub or Shop Revenue

Local village pubs and shops like yours play a crucial role in connecting consumers with delightful small-batch produce.


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